07 December 2007

Eddie Taylor

Eddie Taylor is a two-time world all-around tournament champion. He defeated Hall-of-Famer Luther Lassiter in all-around finals in Johnston City, in 1964. He also defeated Danny Jones, and Mike Eufemia at the 1967 Stardust Open finals in Las Vegas. He lost to Lassiter in the 1967 Johnston City all-around finals, and finished 7th in the 1967 World 14.1 championship in New York. Eddie Taylor being born in Knoxville, Tennessee was known as the “Knoxville Bear” He was inducted into the Knoxville Sports Hall of Fame in 1987. He is an active promoter of billiards in Boys Clubs of America, and is regarded as one of the greatest one-pocket and bank pool players of all time.

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